“The human body is a living machine that will run right so long as the anatomy or structural part of it is perfect”
Dr. Andrew Taylor Still,  Founder of Osteopathy


Olde Canal Physical Therapy, LLC was founded on the principle that a person’s physical structure and its inner systems are interconnected. Our experience has been that injury, restriction, strain or disruption to one body part or system can have adverse effects not only at that primary site but on other seemingly unrelated body parts and systems as well.

Common complaints of headaches, chronic joint or spinal pain, limitations in motion, and respiratory aliments, may be a result of a body’s inability to adjust to one or more accumulated strains. From this perspective we evaluate not only the presenting issue(s) but also pay close attention to the past history for factors that may contribute to the presenting condition(s) or be inhibiting full recovery. In this way, a “total body approach” includes evaluating and treating from head to toe.

What is Manual Therapy?  It is a hands-on approach to identify and treat conditions that affect body structures – muscles, joints, nerves and soft tissues – which, if not working properly impact the overall ability of the body to function optimally. Techniques used include but are not limited to mobilization, muscle energy, cranial-sacral, neuromuscular rehabilitation, myofascial/neurofascial release and primitive reflex integration.

Why is a thorough evaluation necessary?  A comprehensive evaluation provides us with a current and past history about the bumps, bruises, injuries or other physical stresses an individual has sustained throughout his/her life that may contribute to the presenting issue(s).

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