“The human body is a living machine that will run right so long as the anatomy or structural part of it is perfect”
Dr. Andrew Taylor Still,  Founder of Osteopathy


Olde Canal Physical Therapy, LLC was founded on the principle that a person’s physical structure and its inner workings are interconnected. In our experience, an injury or strain at any point in life to one body part or system can adversely affect the function of other unrelated body parts or systems. We believe this is why when focusing treatment only on the part of the body experiencing symptoms, full recovery and reduced symptomology may not be achieved.

Our “total body approach” to evaluating and treating your body focuses on finding the “root problem” in order to obtain maximum results. An everyday example of this concept is if one accidentally steps on a cat’s tail. The sound, or symptom, comes out the mouth; but the cause of the sound, or root problem, is at the tail.  Until the foot is removed, the symptoms (meowing) will not fully abate.