Patients must cancel and reschedule their appointments with OCPT if they are:

Every effort will be made to reschedule these patients 14 days after their cancelled appointment.

Patients Awaiting the Results of a COVID-19 Test

If a patient is awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test, they must cancel their appointment with OCPT. Once a negative result is received, we will reschedule the missed appointment as soon as possible.

Patients who Receive a COVID-19 Rapid Test

Patients who receive a COVID-19 rapid test prior to a medical procedure, and test negative, do not have to cancel their subsequent appointment with OCPT.


The patient who is scheduled for an appointment with OCPT should be the only person entering the office suite. Exceptions:

  • One parent or guardian may accompany a patient under the age of 18.
  • One household member and/or one healthcare employee responsible for a patient’s care (ex: home health aide) may accompany a patient with mobility challenges or other extenuating circumstances.
  • Patients in the same household who have consecutive appointments (ex: Patient A is scheduled for 3 PM, and Patient B is scheduled for 3:30 PM) may enter the office suite at the same time. These patients will remain in the same treatment room for the duration of their appointments.


Masks are required at all times while inside our building.

Social Distancing

For the safety of all patients and employees, please maintain social distance when interacting with the front desk. You may be asked to remain in or move to an empty treatment room to ensure no patient comes within six feet of another patient between appointments.