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Olde Canal Physical Therapy, LLC was established in 2000 with the desire to provide a more comprehensive approach to evaluation and treatment in a manner which best supports the practice of Manual Therapy. The Science of the field of Manual Therapy and the Art of its application combined with an extensive evaluation process are the keys to reaching a successful outcome in the shortest time with the longest lasting effects.


“The childhood song, Dem Bones where “The foot bone is connected to the leg bone” adequately describes how I look at the body. When an injury occurs in one area of the body, changes in posture in response to that injury can create stress, limitations and pain in other areas far removed from the point of initial insult.  These secondary areas, can present with pain, dysfunction and limitation of motion and act as a primary site of  distress.  Without a comprehensive history and evaluation the interrelationships between these sites are never addressed and therefore limits the potential of full recovery of either site. So, in my experience, the foot bone is connected to the neck bone and the neck will not function properly if  the compensations the body makes to the foot injury are not addressed ”                                            C. David Burns, B.P.H.E., PT



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